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The Photographer

Co-written with Jeff Goldberg

Action Adventure
Status: Available


Caught between modern-day pirates and corporate mercenaries, a photojournalist on an environmental story in Thailand gets a bigger story than he expected.

Key selling points

  • Action romp with relatable hero

  • Romance and travel aspects

  • Environmental message fits zeitgeist


William Smithson, war photojournalist, is pursued across a desert border in a thrilling chase (mountain bike versus 4x4s on equalising terrain) which leaves him with a front-page scoop and a broken leg. Forced to take leave while he mends, he is approached by his old college professor to do some fieldwork on a corporate environmental study. It sounds easy enough: go to Thailand and take some pictures of a coastline, but when he gets there the cargo ship he has hitched a ride on is attacked by modern-day pirates.


Through a series of chases, traps and fights, some of which William will lose, he discovers that the pirates are mercenaries hired by a global conglomerate to cover up their environmental damage. William faces a frantic race against time if he’s going to get the story, win the girl, and prevent further environmental damage…

“A really fun romp and an impressive showcase”
Page Awards Judge
Page International Screenwriting awards quarter finalist laurel for The Photographer script by Rick Limentani and Jeff Goldberg
The Photographer - Action adventure script about a war photojournalist meeting modern day pirates

“In this business you're only  as good as your last story “

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