Canterbury Tales

Co-written with Rebeca Cobos

Genre: Musical fables for Children


Humility, Honesty and Respect

Target audience

Two versions of the play were produced. One aimed at young children, and one aimed at teens. Rick was involved in both, but co-wrote the latter.


Based on three of Chaucer's tales, with a focus on the morality fables rather than the baudiness, three pilgrims meet and each tells the others a story, in a contest to see who buys dinner.

One of the tales is a dark tale of two brothers who go looking for death but find a fortune in gold instead. One tells of a knight who offends a young maiden and must answer the riddle of what women most desire in order to avoid punishment. The third is of a trusting merchant and a dishonourable friend.

The play included live music, singing and dance.


64 Performances

Over 51,000 tickets sold


Global premiere - Canal theatre, Madrid, Spain, 2013

Four tours of Spain, including many cities and selling out major theatres

Most recently toured in 2017, to 15 cities, including trips to Ibiza, Menorca and Lanzarote

Selected 2017 Theatres

(too many to show all):

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