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Sticky Fingers

Teen Rom-Com
Status: Available


The teenage daughter of a magistrate falls in love with a kleptomaniac boy. She thinks her love can change him, but her father knows it won’t.

Key selling points

  • Low budget, with opportunities for innovation

  • Currently set in London but tailorable


Love at first sight is ruined when Sara closes her eyes for a kiss, but opens them to find that Guy has run off with her purse. She follows him home where his friendly mother explains his kleptomania, referring to it as his “sticky fingers”.


The two begin to date. It is the first true relationship for both of them, and love blossoms, but when Sara’s father learns of the relationship he disapproves. He’s seen young men like Guy come through his courtroom, and wants better for his daughter.

Sara believes that she can change Guy, and for a while he lets her believe she is changing him, but eventually he is caught in his lie, and finds that only Sara’s father can keep him out of prison…

“A romantic comedy with a good premise […] Clearly the writer is familiar with the genre.”
Slamdance Film Festival
Sticky Fingers is a romantic comedy about a teenage girl who calls in love with a kleptomaniac

"Self-control is for adults"

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