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Dig Deeper

Family drama with dark comedy
Status: Available


Grave-digging has been Gabriel’s family business for generations, now it’s his turn whether he likes it or not. Maybe if he digs deep enough, he might find himself.

Key selling points

  •  Low budget script set all in the same village

  •  Character driven story

  •  POC protagonist

Short synopsis

Gabriel is a lazy, rude gambler on the run from loan sharks. Following the death of his father, he returns to the village of his youth to collect his inheritance. He’s in a rush to get back to the city, but his father’s best friend, Arnold, has other ideas, rallying the eccentric villagers against Gabriel to keep him trapped in the village, opening up some old wounds in the process. 


Gabriel is left with no choice but to take on his father’s old job as the village grave-digger, and gradually, through a series of surprising ordeals, he begins to grow as a person and reconnects with his first girlfriend, but his past is catching up with him, and he owes it money...

ECU Official Selection Laurels for Dig Deeper Script
London Independent
Film Festival
Newport International Film Festival laurels for Dig Deeper Best Screenplay
“I was impressed and genuinely hoodwinked by the ending”
BBC Reader
Dig Deeper Screenplay: family drama about a gravedigger

“Nobody's born anything.

 You are what you become.”

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