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Crime thriller


When dying killer Thomas Hogg is transferred from prison to hospital, two detectives, Larson and Farrow, use it as an opportunity to question him about a murder he committed fifteen years ago.  So begins a game of cat and mouse, with both sides trying to get something from the other.

Duration: 13 min

Played at 5 festivals

Produced by EICAR Film School

Writer and Director - Rick Limentani

Producers - Mette Lilleby & Andrew Brooke

Director of Photography - Wutthitrai Piriyapakdeekul

Editor - Khaled Salem

Starring - Crystal Shepherd-Cross, Colin David Reese and Jon Russo

Confession short film detectives in woods
Confessions short film hospital room motion blur
Murderer in hospital confession short film
Buried remains short film confession
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