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Shore Scripts coverage
“This is a strong piece, with a confident and original tone at its heart and plenty of potential.”
Wry action thriller
Status: Available


A cop finds himself the target of a hitman when the woman he fell in love with eight years ago returns and kidnaps a child from a local orphanage.

Key selling points

  • Crime noir style with action

  • Diverse characters


Detective Thomas Cobalt is asked to investigate the kidnapping of an eight year old child by Cris Sanchez, a criminal he fell in love with while undercover eight years previously. She leads him on a tense chase before telling him that both of them and the child are being targeted by a professional hitman for the events of the past.

Thomas must choose whether to do his job, pursue and arrest Cris, or to work with her outside the law to protect the three of them from the hitman who is closing in on them.

Gunbait is a wry action thriller. It's Heat meets Casablanca

“Eyes on, the storm is  breaking”

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