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Quirky heist comedy
Laugh or Die film festival of Chicago finalist laurels for Rick Limentani screenplay Embezzled!
Status: Available


Your boss is stealing from the business? Stop him: steal the money back! That’s the plan of a three office misfits and a stripper.

Key selling points

  • Low budget comedy based on two locations

  • Diverse characters featuring a range of ages, races and nationalities


Kieran is a salesman on the brink of turning 40, with a marriage on the rocks. His work friend, Dave, a chubby tag-along accountant, comes to him after discovering that Kieran’s boss, Hugo, has embezzled an enormous amount of money from the company.

Kieran hatches a plan to stop Hugo without creating a scandal that would destroy the company and lose them their jobs: They’ll steal the money back from Hugo.

They recruit a third partner, a tattooed young IT assistant to help with the technical stages of the theft, but when Dave decides to hijack their planning session with a surprise birthday party for Kieran, including a stripper and an ill-timed visit from his estranged wife, things rapidly spiral out of control. Before they know it the stripper is on the team, and the theft has become more elaborate and risky than planned. Now, if they can just trust Kieran to go along with the plan…

Embezzled! is a quirky heist comedy set in the workplace

“Stealing from a thief isn't  really stealing anyway...“

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