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Put Down

Dark comedy


John is a socially awkward man in a downward spiral of debt, until a lucky accident propels him into a new career as a black-market pet exterminator. In these difficult times, some families can no longer afford a pet. John has some inventive ways to help them.

Duration: 10 min

Played at 30 festivals

Represented by Origine Films, France

Writer and Director - Rick Limentani

Producer - Rebeca Cobos

Director of Photography - Andrew Brooke

Editor - Khaled Salem

Composer - Ivan Capillas

Starring - Wilf Scolding, Rebeca Cobos, Chris Bearne and Ellie Dickens

IMDb Script to Screen Award Winner

Script to Screen Award winner

Geek short film festival laurels for Most Creative Writing Winner Rick Limentani
IndieFlicks People's Choice Award for Put Down Short Film
Southampton Film Week Audience Award Winner Laurels for Put Down Short Film
Award of Merit Winner Laurels from Accolade Global Film Competition
LA Neo Noir Film and Script Festival Award Winner Put Down
Black Cat Picture Show, Augusta Georgia, Award Winner Laurels for Best Short Winner Put Down by Rick Limentani
Just Film Awards Winner Laurels for Put Down
Ha! Fest Winner Laurels for second place Original Comedy Short
Texas Ultimate Shorts laurel for Best International Dark Comedy Short won by Put Down

Currently only the trailer is available online.

To see the full short film, contact me.

Put Down Short Film Wilf Scolding
Put Down Short Film
Put Down Short Film Wilf Scolding Rebeca Cobos
Put Down Short Film Wilf Scolding

Photos by Ian Harding

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