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Rick Limentani, Screenwriter
Rick Limentani
Based in London, UK

Rick has an unusual background for a film maker. He studied Engineering at Magdalene College, Cambridge University (2001) and straight after did a Mini-MBA from Tuck School of Business and Oxford University (2002). He worked for McKinsey and Company as a management consultant before deciding to change careers, studying film at EICAR, The International Film School in Paris (2006), and learning to speak both French (roughly) and Spanish (fluently) along the way.

For the last fourteen years he´s been dedicated to his work as a writer, director and producer of films and theatre, as well as being a paid script doctor, copywriter, scriptwriting teacher and copy editor. He has worked on large corporate communications documents, including as coordinator of the London 2012 Olympic Bid document, and as a contributor to the London Climate Change Action Plan.

Winning the Barnet Scriptwriting Award (2003) with his script “Hubert’s Travels” encouraged him to write his first feature scripts “Sticky Fingers” (2005); “Dig Deeper” (2006), a dark comedy set in the British countryside that was a finalist in the London Independent Film Festival (2008), winner of best script at the Newport International Film Festival (2012) and nominated at ECU - the European Independent Film Festival (2015); his quirky heist comedy “Embezzled!” (2008), which was a finalist at Laugh or Die Comedy Festival, Chicago (2014) and the action script “The Photographer“ (2009) which was a quarter-finalist in the PAGE International Screenwriting Award (2014).

In 2010, Rick co-wrote, directed and produced a short film called “Gemalogia” which was sold internationally after being shown at 29 international festivals and winning seven awards including 1st Prize at London City Film Festival; Best Director at ProFiRe Film Awards, Edinburgh Festival; and the Audience Choice Award at the Shire Festival, Australia. A few years later he had another success with his next short film, “Put Down” (2014), winner of  the IMDb Script to Screen Award 2014, which showed at 28 international festivals, sold internationally and won of nine other awards, including Most Creative Writing 2015 at Geek short Film Festival, North Carolina; People’s Choice Award at Indieflicks International short film festival and Best Short Film at the Black Cat Picture Show, Augusta GA.

Alongside this, Rick’s theatrical work has included international premieres of his plays in Europe (UK and Spain) and Asia (India) achieving more than 80,000 audience members in total. His first play, “Freedom” (2011), was part of the winter season of the prestigious Arcola Theatre in London, and the following year opened in Conde Duque Theatre and Infanta Isabel Theatre of Madrid. In collaboration with Jeff Goldberg he wrote “Wisdom” (2013), and “Deranged Marriage” (2016), both of which were performed at the highly regarded National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) of Mumbai, among other venues around India. Likewise he worked with Rebeca Cobos adapting the British literature classic “Canterbury Tales” for teens (4 tours of Spain). He also co-created “Dear Darwin” (2015) and “Royal Flush” (2016) for the Canal Theatre of Madrid, both of which were followed by national tours.

Rick has also written a children´s novel “Crime-Sniffers: The Blue Rabbit” (2010), and the short story “The not-so-human soul”, published in the anthology Zonal Horizons next to other winners of a competition for Science Fiction & Fantasy by AudioArcadia in 2018. 


Recently Rick has written three thrillers scripts, the first being the psychologic thriller called “abaS&Ment”, which was successfully optioned though that option has now expired; the second a wry action script set in the US, “Gunbait”; and the third a microbudget thriller called “Shutters Down”, which was a semifinalist of the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship (2019), Final Draft’s Big Break Award (2019) and Scriptapalooza (2019).

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