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Escape the zoo!

Children's illustrated book
Status: Unpublished

Age Range: 6+

Short Synopsis

Adrian goes on a school trip to the zoo, but when he is in the
reptile house, waiting for a snake to move, he falls asleep. When
he wakes up everyone is gone, the zoo is closed, and he’s trapped

Adrian decides to escape, and the only way to do that is by going
through the animal enclosures to get to the main gate. His phone is
dead, but he has an information tablet the zoo gave each of them,
which offers helpful advice. Starting with reptiles and then the
mammal enclosures outside, the reader must navigate Adrian
through the zoo to the exit, where he finishes his adventure in the
arms of his mum, who was leading the search party to find him…
he has done it, he´s escaped the zoo!

About the book:
This book, for ages 6+, teaches us incredible facts about 18 exotic
and dangerous species. The story is written in the first person with
interactive elements and some creative activities at the end.
After the introduction and the illustrated map of the zoo, each
double spread (200-250 words) is set in a different animal
enclosure, describing the journey through it, and an encounter
with the inhabitant. The layout of each double spread will be
consistent, with some animal facts displayed as zoo signage, and
illustrations throughout.
At the end of each spread, Adrian asks the reader for advice on
which way to go next, offering two or three options. The map will
be invaluable to help with these decisions, but there is no single
correct route, as the enclosures are interlinked in multiple ways.

Lithographic print of a tiger

Image © Alison Limentani

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