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Dark psychological thriller
Status: Option expired - Available


Two men are held prisoner by a sadistic dominatrix, preparing a fight to the death for her amusement. Their only hope of escape is with the help of the kindly nurse, also a prisoner, who tends their wounds, but she refuses to turn against her Mistress.

Key selling points

  • Single location studio shoot

  • Commercial concept

  • Potential sequel outlines prepared


Matt Hart wakes up to find himself a prisoner in the perfect prison. At first he doesn’t understand why the only other prisoner won’t talk to him, until he learns that their dominatrix captor is forcing them to exercise and spar for a single purpose: they’re going to fight to the death. The winner will be allowed to leave.


With the help of the Mistress’s reluctant assistant and nurse, Matt tries to convince his cellmate that if the three of them work together they can outwit the Mistress, only to discover she’s far more cunning than he thought…

Slamdance Film Festival
"The characters are uniquely layered, the dialogue is smart"
“Terrific characters and a mind-blowing premise combine nicely to hold this unforgettable story together.”
Creative World Awards
abaS&Ment is a dark psychological thriller set in a sex dungeon

“Compliance is your only way  to freedom”

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