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Dear Darwin

Co-written with Rebeca Cobos

Genre: Mixed-media theatre


Bullying and Gangs

Target Audience



Incorporating the work of 12 international artists, Dear Darwin tells the story of a teenager overcoming first heartbreak, bullying and social media abuse through a broad range of media, including video art, animation, stop-motion, free running, hip-hop, rap and contemporary dance.


​19 Performances

13,000 Audience members


Global premiere - Canal Theatre, Madrid, Spain, 2015

Spanish tour - one month, four locations in Spain

“We were just overcome by how it’s possible to put on a play where the actors are doing so many different things, it just opened our eyes to what is special about theatre.”
Audience Reviewer
"An engaging and entertaining story, through which our students could relate to the plot and felt that the characters had a lot to do with them or their lives. We all enjoyed the play!!"
School report

Spanish Theatres:

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Teatro auditorio municipal Adolfo Marsillach logo
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Dear Darwin theatre play
Dear Darwin theater play
Dear Darwin Theatre play
Dear Darwin Theatre play
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